Domestic radio and television day feeder system is one of the largest suppliers
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Beijing Sino-Sky Hi-Tech Co., Ltd has strong technical capabilities. We have several specialists and tens of senior engineers major in broadcasting system. While provide kinds of stable and reliable devices, we are glad to present professional and efficient solutions.

1. Project Alternatives

    While the project is launched, based on your technical requirement, coverage plan, station location and the economical, we can provide comprehensive alternatives. The general project alternative consists of the coverage prediction, the system performance, devices and the installation. To best meet your needs, it is our pleasure to provide you with the professional, critical and economical world-class solution. With the efforts for decades, we have received much clients’ praise for the project alternatives, ranging from AM,SW to FM&TV, DVB.

2. Design Solution

    According to many domestic broadcasting devices are installed as the manufacturers’ design, it is impossible to fulfill the request of the integrity, the national standard and the trade standard. So we help our clients solve the problem with professional and practical design solutions. Based on the 30-years experience in broadcasting system, and the good application of advanced technology, we can make a comprehensive evaluation of the former design, and supply the standard, feasible, economical solutions, to make sure that the updated design is more professional.

3. Systematic Solution

    We lso supply professional instruction on your transmitting system. Whatever your requirement is of the gain, directivity of your transmitting system, we can provide you with the most suitable devices from mature products on the market. Meanwhile our supplement can meet your requirement on the material, the interface, the aerator, the temperature measurement and so on. We have kinds of transmitting devices, along with the close co-operation suppliers of the transmitter and the cable. So our systematic solution is more comprehensive and practical.

4. Project Solution

    We have rich project experience based on a long term service of the design and project solution. If you have any doubt about your project, it is a fairly good choice to ask us for the solution. Considering the peculiarity of the transmitting system, our specialists give your system best in every link, from the choice of the device to the seal of the joint. Especially we can offer you professional conduction on the project arrangement, the key time control, and the project cooperation. Your project and system will be more efficient and profitable with our solutions.