Domestic radio and television day feeder system is one of the largest suppliers
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Equipped with many advanced professional testing devices, the after-sales service department undertakes many antennas and feeders installation and commissioningservices of domestic and international projects, such as Central TV Tower, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Tianjin TV Tower, the new Henan TV Tower, Shenzhen TV Tower, Yancheng TV Tower, SARFT XiXin projects, CCTV FM coverage projects, rural areas coverage projects in many provinces, SARFT CMMB projects and so on. After-sales service department of our company also provides service to many foreign countries, such as Kenya, Nepal, Laos, Liberia, Mali and Cambodia.

    The leader of after-sales service department is a senior engineer, who is responsible for the unified arrangement, scheduling the installation and commissioning works of domestic and international projects. Our back office staffs have advanced management experience. The technicians have more than 3 years radio and television professional installation, commissioning, maintenance works experience and have working aloft qualificated certificates.

    Our company maintains cooperation with various high-quality construction teams. Once there are some faults in the antenna systems of transmitting station, our company has the ability to repair the system and resume broadcasting in first time.
    Domestic and foreign customs that need to maintain or rebuild their antennas could contact the marketing department of our company. The marketing department will propose solutions quickly. The after-sales service staff will undertake these works as soon as they receive the demand from marketing department.