Domestic radio and television day feeder system is one of the largest suppliers
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The Profile of Beijing Sino-sky  Hi-Tech Co., Ltd

Beijing Sino-sky Hi-Tech Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer and system integrator of the radio & television antenna in China. We provide the antenna design, manufacture and system integration solutions. We supply the full range of broadcasting antennas and other passive broadcasting equipments, including
TV&FM transmitting antennas

MW&SW transmitting antennas
Radio & TV receiving antennas
TV&FM multiplexer
We have more than fifty professional engineers major in Radio &TV antenna. Meanwhile, we have approximately 54,000 m2 antenna-trial base, equipped with tens of professional measurement instruments. We focus on developing, manufacturing, and selling all kinds of radio &TV antennas. We undertake radio &TV transmitting system projects all around the world, include design, integrate, installation and tuning. We have achieved several national awards since our company set up in 1988. We have undertaken the majority of project of large Radio &TV transmitter, including the antenna and feed line system, such as Beijing Central TV Tower, Shanghai Oriental Pearl Radio &TV Tower, Tianjin Radio &TV Tower, Shenzhen Wutongshan TV Tower, Zhongyuan Tower. We have undertaken the development and application of the MW&SW antennas, which are the most complex with highest power capability, for example
100kW SW antenna
500kW SW rotating antenna
1000kW MW antenna
4 masts MW antenna
8 masts MW antenna
13 MW frequencies transmitting in one station
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